Corporate Services

Room Hire

Canalside Centre has a large conference room which is perfect for meetings, training, presentations, workshops, or interviews, in a formal but relaxed environment. The daily charge is £275 this inclusive use of the kitchen, dining room and refreshments.
Each room has tables and comfortable chairs and is complete with:

• Projector and projector screen.
• Flipchart with markers.
• WiFi.
• Fully accessible.



Layout style

Room capacity



18 - 24


Theatre style






corporate facilities at canalside

Contact Asha McDonald for further information, or click here to book. 


Team Building and Development Exercises

paddlers on a team building exercise with the canalside centre

If you are looking for something more than just having a meeting to engage your team in work, the centre also provides team building activities and exercises that instil confidence and self esteem, and aim to improve personal development, productivity and motivation in many aspects of work life. By choosing a day of multiple activities that pose challenges to an individual, or group, it encourages team work on a new and exciting level, instead of being confined to the constraints of an office. Each activity is designed to teach and emphasise team participation whilst contributing to cognitive agility.

We also have a Corporate Services brochure that provides more information, alternatively you can contact Canalside Centre, or click here to book. 


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